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What do I mean by "BEFOREnAFTER"?
It is very easy to start a business; and, without being careful, begin to accumulate a bunch of mismatched branding items. The logo you inherited from your parents cost too much money to print on business cards, so you changed it. A graphic designer, doing a rush job for you, didn't match your fonts on a postcard design. Your Web site designer thinks blue looks better than green. BEFORE you know it, your company's identity is nowhere to be found.

Enter Reed Scott Adler of REEDnWRITE. My goal is to get you past the hurdles of multiple messages, into a streamlined identity. AFTER our collaborative work is done together, no one will question "who" you are or "what" your company is about. They will know. Because, together, we will have methodically worked through all your brand's touchpoints; from 
logo to stationery & collaterals to Web site and Social Media.