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Email Campaigns

email transmit

Email Transmit tools allow businesses and organizations to:

  • Manage email addresses
  • Create and send email campaigns
  • Track the campaign results
Our mass email technology offers straightforward, step-by-step instructions that guide marketers of all skill levels though every component of email marketing. It is easy-to-use completely on your own; though we are here to assist when needed. We adhere strictly to all legal requirements, including CAN-SPAM, and we have strong relationships with major ISPs, making our deliverability among the highest in the industry.


Peersuasion is unique, cost-effective, highly measurable technology
for enabling word-of-mouth communications

The most powerful brand introductions and recommendations come from referrals. In a cluttered and competitive marketplace, consumers trust friends and family first, making word-of-mouth opportunities more important and powerful than ever. We leverage your existing customers with prospects you never knew existed.
  • Create viral marketing programs, sweepstakes and games
  • Develop ongoing referral programs
  • Build online panels for focus groups and surveys
  • Enable measurable mobile marketing applications

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Online Marketing Expertise.

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